Aiweiwei Humanity

I want people to see their own power.
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ai weiwei, artist
My favorite word? It’s “act.”
ch. 1, on freedom of expression
Everything is art. Everything is politics.
ch. 2, on art and activism
Tips on surviving the regime: Respect yourself and speak for others. Do one small thing every day to prove the existence of justice.
ch. 3, on government, power, and making moral choices
The Internet is uncontrollable. And if the Internet is uncontrollable, freedom will win. It’s as simple as that.
ch. 4, on the digital world
Imagine one day, the hateful world around you collapses. And it is your attitude, words and actions that put an end to it. Will you be excited?
ch. 5, on history, the historical moment, and the future
I often think what I’m saying is for the people who never had a chance to be heard.
ch. 6, personal reflections
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Demonstrates the elegant simplicity of Ai Weiwei's thoughts on key aspects of his art, politics, and life.
A master at communicating powerful ideas in astonishingly few words, Ai Weiwei is known for his innovative use of social media to disseminate his views. Organized into six categories, these quotes span some of the most revealing moments of Ai Weiwei's eventful career, providing a window into the mind of one of the world's most electrifying and courageous contemporary artists.
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Ai Weiwei is an artist renowned for making strong aesthetic statements that resonate with timely phenomena across today’s geopolitically uncertain world.

From architecture to installations, social media to documentaries, Ai uses a wide range of media to express new ways for his audiences to examine society and its values.

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Larry Warsh

Larry Warsh has been active in the art world for more than thirty years. He has collaborated with Ai Weiwei on several projects, including the public art installation Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads (2010). Warsh is a former member of the Contemporary Arts Council of the Asia Society and the Contemporary Arts Committee of the China Institute.